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The Canada's Farm Progress Innovation Program brings companies together that continue to invent and re-invent. Our goal is to ensure innovation in the agriculture industry remains a strong and driving force behind our economy.


2019 Innovation Submissions

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2019 Innovations List

2018 Innovation Submissions

2018 Gold Standard Award Winners

Submissions are qualified by the Canada’s Farm Progress Show Innovation Committee and evaluated by a panel of industry judges. The highest-ranked innovations will receive a Gold Standard Award or a Sterling Standard Award at the Innovation Awards ceremony. Winners receive a place on the coveted Innovation Stage as well as special signage at their booths to recognize their achievement.

2018 Innovation Guide

2018 Innovations Award Winners

Winners of the 2018 Innovation Awards were announced at the opening ceremonies of Canada’s Farm Progress Show, presented by Viterra.

2018 Gold Standard Award Winners

Intelligent AG Solutions

  • Engage Zone Control: Engage Zone Control is a retrofit section control for John Deere 1910 air carts, and is easily installed underneath the meter housing. It integrates with the existing GPS mapping system to identify area of potential overlap and uses electric motors to actuate slide gates that shut off up to eight sections per tank (up to three tanks).

Nobert Beaujot & The Dot Technology Corporation of SeedMaster

  • DOT: The DOT Power platform is a mobile diesel-powered platform designed to handle a large variety of implements commonly used in agriculture, mining and construction, and it’s fully autonomous. It’s U-shaped frame facilities the direct loading of implements so that once loaded, the implement not only “become one” with the mobile-powered platform, but also fully autonomous by virtue of that union.

Landon Fahlman & IntraGrain Technologies Inc.

  • Fuel Lock™: Fuel Lock™ is an automatic fuel tank locking system, allowing users to unlock power to fuel pumps via keypad entry. The Fuel Lock™ mobile app keeps track of employee fills and updates the owner in real-time with email and text alerts. With the ability to set employee parameters such as times they can fill and which tank they can fill from, owners can enjoy more control over their fuel.

Morris Industries Ltd.

  • Shieldcore: Shieldcore is a new line of ground engaging tools that combines new, proprietary manufacturing technology with leading opener designs for improved wear life and precision application in the furrow.

Brent, Luke and Doug Applegate, & Praxidyn

  • Mixmate: Mixmate is a fully automated chemical blending and record-keeping system with modular options for portable or stationary installations and to measure by weight and/or flow. The Android app controls the system and captures the records automatically. The app synchronizes with our Intersect cloud service to backup data and provides access from the office. Chemical mixing simplified.

Pat & Trevor Scherman

  • Schergrain Solution System: It is a simple, safe and easy device that allows farmers to check the amount of grain loss from their combines. It is a pan that has been developed to mount on any combine, any colour or model number without any other attachments. Simply drop the pan when the combine is being operated, clean the sample, measure it in the gauge and check the supplied chart for easy reference of loss/acre.

Norbert Beaujot & SeedMaster

  • SeedMaster SR-700: SeedMaster has risen the bar again by introducing and entirely new model of seeding system with the SR-700 – an exceedingly precise and nimble single rank seeding system equipped with the patented, industry-leading UltraPoll metering and opener technologies. Because of its unique design, this seeding system has unsurpassed agility, residue clearance, product handling and emergence.

​2018 Sterling Standard Award winners

AGCO Corporation

  • IDEAL™ Combine Harvester: The all-new IDEAL™ combine harvester is the first even “clean sheet” design of a combine in 30 years and the culmination of six years of vigorous testing in a wide range of crops and harvest conditions. IDEAL was designed based on extensive interviews around the world with growers about their harvesting needs and priorities. As a result, the combine provides unrelenting performance, radically simple operation, the very best grain quality, in-field efficiency, comfort and uptime. Its high-capacity unloading system uploads at 6-bu. per second, emptying the 485-bu. grain bin six seconds faster than the competition can unload its 350-bu. grain bin.

Joseph Bourgault and Frank Nagy & F.P. Bourgault Tillage Tools Limited

  • BTT Weed Clipper: The BTT 50’ Weed Clipper enables any farmer to drive into their seeded crops at any stage of development to quickly and efficiently clip and mulch any weeds growing above the crops. Working at speeds of up to five miles per hour in medium-to-heavy weed infestations and faster in lighter weeds. This provides quick and effective non-chemical weed control.

Steve Kastning:

  • Duck Foot: The Duck Foot is a paddle that slides over an existing finger and clips onto the reel tube of a MacDon Header.

Ultralift Technologies Incorporated & Farmagro Sales Ltd.

  • Ultralift Power Tool: A lithium ion powered hand tool with tremendous torque for rotating a shaft on any farm or commercial trailer. Included is a stabilizing arm to allow simple operation on multiple trailers.

Perry Casson

  • FarmTRX: A cloud-based platform for intelligent and automatic yield map creation, paired with an ultra-affordable smartphone-based yield monitor system. Affordable retrofit hardware for yield monitoring pm on combines of any make/model. FarmTRX is easily installed. The platform automates yield map creation for farmers and makes it easy to share with their agronomists. The platform automatically cleans raw data, calibrates for multi-combines and integrates with yield data collected from other systems. The yield monitor is very easy to operate – a little tech experience is required. To control the yield monitor, users connect to it via Bluetooth from their smartphone or tablet. This lets them control the monitor as well as quickly and wirelessly upload their yield data.

Intelligent Ag Solutions

  • Recon SpreadSense: Utilizing patented acoustic technology, Recon SpreadSense provides reliable real-time blockage detection for floaters. Sensors are installed on the back of each deflector, so there is no disruption to product flow. The sensors listen to the material flow and send sound pulses through auditory tubes, similar to a stethoscope. The data is sent via WiFi to the operator’s iPad in the cab.

Todd Hoffman & Schulte Industries Ltd.

  • Schulte DHX-600: The DHX-600 or Disk Harrow is a disc and heavy harrow combination tool. It incorporates a traditional 5 bar, 26” long 5/8” tine heavy harrow design along with two rows of material sizing/ground engaging discs. The wavy discs have a 7.2” spacing and can be engaged or disengaged during harrow use.

The Healthy Homesteader

  • Store it Safe: A product that is applied to the undercarriage of farm equipment and vehicles to keep rodents out altogether.