Outstanding Young Farmers Program

Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers Program

The Outstanding Young Farmers Program recognizes next-generation farmers who demonstrate excellence in their profession. 

How the program works

The Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers Program is run by the Oustanding Young Farmers alumni. The nomination criteria includes:

  • Individual, couple or managing partner/shareholder
  • Makes majority of farm management decisions
  • Derives a minimum of two-thirds gross revenue from farming
  • Less than 40 years of age as of January 1, 2018

Judging is based on:

  • Progress in agricultural career
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Production history
  • Financial management practices
  • Contributions to the wellbeing of the community, province and nation
  • Financial Progress

Each year an honouree is selected to represent each of the seven regions across Canada. These seven honourees are then recognized for their achievements at the National Outstanding Young Farmers event. 

2017 Saskatchewan Outstanding Young Farmers Winners 

Derek & Tannis Axten

Derek and Tannis are grain farmers from Minton, Saskatchewan with a passion for improving their greatest resource...soil!

Derek and Tanis operate a no-till farm and have improved their soil health by seeding intercrops, companion crops and cover crops. Increasing their plant diversity and intensity is feeding the soil biology, which in turn is regenerating the land. Improving soil health has allowed them to resude synthetic inputs, increase water retention and build organic matter. They have also implemented controlled traffic farming and grazing into their farming system. 

Derek and Tanis are excited about what they are doing on their farm and will have many ideas they plan to try. Derek enjoys sharing their successes and failures with others througout Western Canada and the United States, with the hopes of inspiring others to regnerate their farm's soil health. 

To learn more about the national, program, please visit Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers website.