Innovation Program

Farm Credit Canada Innovation Centre and Awards

The Innovation Centre, sponsored by Farm Credit Canada, showcases the latest in new and emerging technology and innovations with awards given to the best new ideas.

Submissions are qualified by the Canada’s Farm Progress Show Innovation Committee and evaluated by a panel of industry judges. The highest-ranked innovations will receive a Gold Standard Award or a Sterling Standard Award at the Innovation Awards ceremony. Winners receive a place on the coveted Innovation Stage, as well as special signage at their booths to recognize their achievement.

2017 Innovations Award Winners

Winners of the 2017 Farm Credit Canada Innovation Awards were announced at the opening ceremony of Canada’s Farm Progress Show, presented by Viterra. Six winners took home the Sterling Standard Award, while two of the highest-ranked entries received the Gold Standard Award.

2017 Gold Standard Award Winners

Setter Manufacturing Division (Distributor) Drylobag

  • Grain Preservation & Drying System: Portable grain drying and storage system designed and manufactured with aerating air port.

TankFull, A Division of Duck Mountain Environmental

  • TankFull Monitoring System: Constantly monitors septic tank levels using ultrasonic technology, and transmits data to the monitoring centre to dispatch a truck 2017.

​Sterling Standard Award winners


  • Libra TMR: Total Mixed Ration tablet and smart-phone-based ration weighing and data management system that delivers a smart and simple way to track what is being loaded and unloaded in a feed mixer.

GrainX Incorporated

  • GrainX Command: Autonomous Artificial Intelligent grain management platform that works with both IntraGrain Bin-Sense Live and GrainX Protects solar powered wireless grain monitoring systems to assist producers in controlling and modifying their in-bin grain quality.

Gord’s HorsePower Services

  • Auger Side Shift: Allows operators to align discharge spout into bin port to enable corrections without having to drive ahead and reposition the whole unit.

Hypro-SHURFLO, Pentair

  • Duo React Systems: Two outlet nozzle body system with automatic switching between outlets; allows the applicator to drive an extended range of speeds while controlling droplet size using advanced air induction spray nozzles that reduce drift potential. 
  • 9310 ForceField Pumps: Wet seal technology protects the mechanical seal by using a barrier fluid to keep it cool and lubricated, even while the pump is running dry; maintains a positive pressure differential between the wet seal chamber barrier fluid and the pumping solution, which prevents chemical bonding of the seal faces. 
  • 3D Nozzle: Developed using over 10 years of application and wind tunnel research to optimize the droplet spectrum and spray incline to provide maximum coverage and is proven to provide a 10% increase in pre-emerge weed control.